WT7 instrumentation


    ● 2.8 inch TFT true color display or LCD backlit display;
    ● USB data interface, supporting hot swap;
    ● The sampling rate is up to 1600 times/second.
    ● Display peak force, real-time value, TX map display dynamometer can also display test line, which can monitor and track the whole process of test;
    ● he upper and lower limit deviation values ​​are freely set, and the limit internal limit alarm is arbitrarily selected;
    ● The upper and lower limit two-point level output, buzzer and display screen simultaneously alert the alarm;
    ●The screen display direction can be flipped by 180°;
    ● Three units of N, kg, lb are automatically converted, and units such as g, t, kN, etc. can also be customized;
    ● With peak hold function, peak automatic release and release time free setting;
    ● Test results can be saved, and the average value, maximum value, minimum value, etc. can be calculated automatically. Tr
    ● It can arbitrarily set the power saving function such as no operation automatic shutdown, automatic backlight, etc.;
    ● Test curve data can be stored, transferred, and tracked indefinitely through PC-specific test software;
    ● The test results can be printed in the software interface;
    ● It can be configured with various test machines to realize various tests.

    Includes SX digital dynamometer and TX chart display dynamometer. It is suitable for the measurement test of the finished products, semi-finished products and materials of various products, the insertion force test, the destructive test, etc., and can be combined with various machines and clamps to form small test machines for different purposes. The TX map shows that the dynamometer also uses the TFT true color display to realize the functions of real-time force, peak force and test process curve on the same screen. Widely used in touch screen crushing pressure test, button force test, etc.

    product nameDigital dynamometer chartDisplay dynamometer built-in diagramDisplay dynamometer external
    Product numberWT7WT7-A
    Product range2-500N2-500NArbitrarily set according to the sensor range

    Graduation value

    1/2000 or 1/5000F·S1/2000 or 1/5000F·SDetermined based on sensor sensitivity

    sensorSensor built-inSensor external
    Sampling rate6-200 times / sec6-1600 times / sec
    Measuring range10%-100%FS

    Indication error





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